design concepts

Throughout my designing and experimental phase, i began to warp and manipulate materials such as, wood, copper, plaster and clay with 'sound' being the main influence. I also tried combining these objects and arranging them spatially to help me imagine the Embassy'S design. 

pipe model.png
vopper pip.png
material testing

These copper pipes were manipulated using a blow torch and a hammer. All the pipes were later welded together, trying to imitate the structure of a musical organ.

sound model 5.png
sound model 7.png
sound model 3.png
sound model 1.png
sound tube1.png
sound tube.png

Moulding clay was used to create small flute-style shapes. These are an attempt to imitate sound visually

hearing model 1.png

This 3 part piece is one of the 'arms' that come out of the Accumulator in the embassy. They are used by holding it to the users ear, from here they are able to listen to the 'conversations' throughout the building. 

'accumulator' HEARING PIECE 
hearing model detail1.png
material exploration 
site model

This devise works by making the metal disk in the centre rotate round,  and then the holes in it activate notes within the structure creating a full sounding song.