periphonys embassy of sound
After the Mutus virus stopped to show any further signs, all the victims of the illness showed signs of complete vocal failure, resulting in having no voice. With the aim of attempting to communicate, the "Mons" & "Stims" factions that were hit by the virus began to use alternate ways of communication through the use of different pitched noises. This form of communication is only used and taught by the victims of the virus within their embassy.

Every member of Periphony Republic has their own faction/clan they belong to. They all own a badge that signifies their home faction and this helps keep order.

the Conductors room 

Conductor - Michelle Obama 

The Conductor is the creator of the 'Embassy of Sound' and in charge of who is able to join. The view from the desk overlooks the road where protests begin. Their movement and passion emphasised by the 'music' created within the embassy.

Embassy register

The register is used to identify its members, highlighting their characteristics and what faction they used to belong to.

This manifesto is written out in its musical form using the language created in the embassy.

This devise provides the user with the ability to transpose and translate the language that the people of Periphony use to communicate.

The 'transpose' devise 

Because Sibelius was very fond of Finland, one of his most personal favourite works was 'Finlandia'. This is about Finland overcoming their rivals. This was composed in 1899, and is  classed as a tone poem. The aim is to portray a particular story, this story being the protest against the increasing censorship by the Russian Empire which was taking place in the late 19th Century.

Shostakovich was well known for using reoccurring motifs in his music. Throughout his composing carer there was great turmoil in his country  and was often prosecuted by the Soviet authorities. The motif he uses throughout his music is a statement to say that he is putting himself in the fabric of his music making him invincible.

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