Podium for 'Propaganda' event
In collaboration with a small group of students, we built a ‘podium’ with the outcome of a preformative event. This 'podium' was created for a country and a speaker, we created based on a given book and other precedents.
Book - Millennium People
Speaker - Michelle Obama
Country -  Periphony Republic
collage of story city.png

Periphony Republic was once a land inhabited by 5 factions, that were determined by skills and interest. Some believe that this way of life brings peace and benefit to the people, but within all good, there is bad...

This way of life was the norm for the people of Periphony for as long as they can remember, so the poorer factions took action into their own hands by starting riots and causing anarchy with the aim to overthrow the ruling system...


Riots and protests continued to shake the city and power was being shifted back to the people. But in the aim to gain control again, anti-protest chemical weaponry was created to halt the rumours and protests.

But because of poor living standards the chemical weapon mutated into a virus that attacks the respiratory system and the voice box resulting in the victim being unable to speak. As a result of this virus, the 'podium' was created to enable communication to the people...

This country has resulted in a large divide between its people. What once used to be a lively city with chatting and laughter has now turned into a barren wasteland, covered with C.C.T.V cameras and poverty and rubble.

CITY COLLAGEposter.png



Speech habits

In order for the podium to work, there needs so be a speaker. This podium used Michelle Obama as the speaker. I examined her body and hand movement and her orator habits. From her speeches she forms a close bond to the listeners gaining their complete focus and interest... This is the aim for the podium  

The poster aimed to look like an old chipboard  panel covered in different posters over time. Each poster is about the people and how the virus affected them.
bookey poster.png