East end maternity hospital
During this phase i was required to identify my site from the government vacant property list and then survey it. I collected all of the necessary data to draw the entire building and its immediate surrounding.
The chosen site is an NHS health centre building,  and previous to the it was a midwifery. 
Site - Steels Lane Health centre (East end maternity hospital)
Physical context

Within this page i tried to show what was around the surrounding area, such as road, train lines, structure, green space, educational centres and religious buildings.

Floor plan : basement
ground floor
first floor
second floor
third floor
Front elevation
back elevation
folio pres30.png
longitudinal section
folio pres29.png
longitudinal section
exploded axonometric
Interior renders

Because i was unable to enter the site, i rendered the interior and tried to make it photo realistic by making it look like an old camera took it.

ephemeral site context
Environmental light mapping

From my site visit, i noticed that there was a lot of car traffic on the roads resulting in dazzling lights when it rained. This mapping shows the cars light throughout the site.

My sites original purpose was was a midwifery that was commonly used throughout the East End in London from 1890 to 1950.